Fetish Evolution Weekend

The Fetish Evolution weekend was so much fun! I´ve met so many amazing new people as always and friends to :* Love these events when you´re getting back with everyone, since you don´t meet them that much. Its one of the best things ever. I always get so excited! ^^
It was a lot of fun!

Over there I got to shoot for the next Fetish Evolution flyer.. for 2016! Got so happy when they contacted me and now it´s done.
I did it together with Psylocke and Onna Sakura and we had a really great time, cant wait to see all the pictures! :D

I also walked for Vex Clothing at the party! Such a great designer and the show was amazing! Thank you Nina de Lianin!
I´ve had a fantastic weekend :* Thank you everyone that made it happen <3